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Jewish life is evolving.

As the world rapidly changes, so do the diverse needs, interests, and values of modern Jews. Consequently, groundbreaking social entrepreneurs have taken on the mantle of widening the tent of Jewish life, offering new and unique approaches to meeting the spiritual and social needs of today’s community. They draw on our tradition’s intrinsic ability to shape contemporary expressions of Judaism’s enduring values.

In this new paradigm, LGBTQ Jews find belonging, Spanish-speaking Central and South Americans can engage in programming tailored for them, and the intellectually curious can steep themselves in Jewish text and tradition that nurtures their modern worldviews.

To make their greatest impact, these organizations partner with UpStart, a lab, launchpad, and support system for our community’s bravest leaders and boldest ideas. UpStart’s Accelerator program fuels promising entrepreneurial organizations with the tools, wisdom, and support they need to thrive and endure. As the latest cohort of graduates completes the Accelerator this June, we celebrate their work and impact in Jewish communities all around the world.

Fuente Latina

Fuente Latina (FL) breaks down stereotypes and increases positive perceptions of Israel by educating and empowering Spanish-speaking journalists to cover the Jewish world accurately. They support Spanish-speaking media with facts, information, and access to newsmakers and events in order to reach over 600 million people globally.

Most recently, Fuente Latina assembled and educated several cohorts of key influential Latino journalists through their Media Fellowship Program, prior to their coverage of the Guatemalan embassy move to Jerusalem.

This year, FL plans to establish a presence in Los Angeles, the most concentrated Hispanic market in the United States, in an effort to engage hundreds of Southern California journalists and influencers in reaching Spanish speakers on Jewish issues.

Want to support their work? “You don’t have speak Spanish to get involved with Fuente Latina,” says Leah Soibel, FL’s Founder and CEO. “Individuals that are interested in building bridges with the Latino world can host events at their synagogues or host parlors in their homes.” They are also currently recruiting new Advisory Council members in Los Angeles and Miami.

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