Jewish Studio Project Completes the UpStart Accelerator


Jewish life is evolving.

As the world rapidly changes, so do the diverse needs, interests, and values of modern Jews. Consequently, groundbreaking social entrepreneurs have taken on the mantle of widening the tent of Jewish life, offering new and unique approaches to meeting the spiritual and social needs of today’s community. They draw on our tradition’s intrinsic ability to shape contemporary expressions of Judaism’s enduring values.

In this new paradigm, LGBTQ Jews find belonging, Spanish-speaking Central and South Americans can engage in programming tailored for them, and the intellectually curious can steep themselves in Jewish text and tradition that nurtures their modern worldviews.

To make their greatest impact, these organizations partner with UpStart, a lab, launchpad, and support system for our community’s bravest leaders and boldest ideas. UpStart’s Accelerator program fuels promising entrepreneurial organizations with the tools, wisdom, and support they need to thrive and endure. As the latest cohort of graduates completes the Accelerator this June, we celebrate their work and impact in Jewish communities all around the world.

Jewish Studio Project

The Jewish Studio Project (JSP) was created to provide a new entryway into Judaism – one in which creativity is a pathway for connecting to tradition, cultivating community, and ultimately, bringing more good into the world.

One of JSP’s newest and growing offerings is the Studio Immersive, a deep dive into Jewish inquiry and creative process. It is the fullest expression of JSP’s methodology, bringing together a cohort of 14 individuals from across the country to learn, explore, and create for five days at their Berkeley studio .

JSP plans to expand their training capacity and begin training creative facilitators in their unique methodology, The Jewish Studio Process, within the next year. This intensive, hands-on training will empower educators, lay leaders, and others, with the skills and tools to design creative learning programs in their workplaces and home communities.

Want to support their work? Those looking to explore creative pathways into Judaism, who desire a deep Jewish learning experience and opportunity to immerse in creative process, are encouraged to apply for the upcoming Studio Immersive in October. It is open to activists, educators, seekers, lay leaders, artists, students, and everyone in between. No experience required.

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