Ela Ben-Ur

Ela Ben-Ur is passionate about the capacity of human-centered design thinking to empower individuals and organizations to shape themselves, as well as their offerings, communities, and world. She consults, coaches and teaches in design research, strategy, and innovation through her independent business, i2i Experience. Prior to launching her own practice, Ela worked at IDEO— an award-winning global design firm – for over 13 years. As a project leader and then Content Guide, Ela led and coached teams through front-end user research, opportunity synthesis, strategy, concept development, and prototyping. Her work spanned products, services, and merchandising across diverse industries, in developed and developing markets, with for-profit and non-profit organizations. Ela holds BS and MS in mechanical engineering from MIT, where she specialized in design and developed a force-feedback laparoscopy simulator for the Massachusetts General Hospital. Ms. Ben-Ur loves her daughters Maia and Daliea, her husband Arrin, being outside (running/hiking/biking/kayaking/skiing), traveling the world, making things, and taking pictures of all the above. And she fiddles (for real).

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