Seeing the Sounds: Internalizing Innovation

May 30, 2017  | eJewish Philanthropy By Maya Bernstein We are approaching the holiday of Shavuot, a time of re-commitment to keeping the Torah meaningful and relevant to our lives. There is a curious phrase in Exodus 20:14, which we read on the holiday to commemorate the Israelite’s experience of receiving the Torah at Sinai. […]

Jeff Kasowitz of Jewish Studio Project Dishes About His New Album

January 26, 2017 | Jeff Kasowitz UpStarter Jeff Kasowitz is co-founder of the Jewish Studio Project.  JSP activates creativity in individuals and communities to make meaning in our lives, promote positive social change and inspire a Judaism that is vibrant, connective and hopeful.   What inspired you to make the album? The Arba’im Shanah (40 Years) […]

“Let’s ‘Verb’ Leadership”

November 10, 2016| JTS Given the myriad of complex challenges and opportunities facing the Jewish community today, what actions are necessary, and who should take responsibility? We often think of leadership as a role—the president is the leader of our nation; the team captain is the leader of the team; the CEO is the leader […]

Three Questions Innovators are Asking This Year

October 21, 2016 | eJewish Philanthropy By Jaime Rapaport Barry Just a week after Yom Kippur, many of us still have more questions than answers in our hearts. The process of cheshbon hanefesh – an accounting of one’s soul – rarely yields simple, executable solutions. Rather, this annual process of immersing with ourselves frames the questions […]

Listen to UpStart Unbound: Our First Podcasting Collaboration

  UpStart Unbound is the first-ever collaborative podcast episode of UpStart and Judaism Unbound. Created as part of the UpStart Lab – an annual gathering of innovators from across the country – UpStart Unbound brings together some of the brightest thinkers in Jewish life for a crowdsourced podcast episode exploring the future of Jewish innovation.  […]

Judaism as a Teen Refuge

By Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning, Chicago Accelerator Cohort 8 It was early on a winter Sunday morning – early for teenagers – and they had all come together for the bagels, of course, but also to see each other, and impressively, to study Torah together. We were studying during the month of Shevat, […]

The Power of Giving Teens Choice

By Dana Prottas Yachad, Minneapolis Accelerator Cohort 9 Remember the popular phrase from the film Field of Dreams heard from the cornfields, “If you build it, they will come”?  When building new Jewish educational programs, especially for teens in the 21st Century, these Laws of Attraction no longer apply.  If we build a strong, vibrant program […]

Harnessing the Power of Vision-Driven Teen Work

September 1, 2016 | JFNA Ideas in Jewish Education and Engagement By Taylor Epstein   “When one person takes one step ahead, it is personal. When a million people take one step ahead, then the earth shakes.” -Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz The work of a teen program professional is demanding, with a job description that is equal […]

New Video: What does it take to reimagine Jewish?

Reimagine Jewish. If you’re a member of the UpStart community, it’s because you believe in the power of this idea – that we can reimagine Jewish to nourish our community and ignite a vibrant future. That’s why we made this VIDEO. It shows what’s possible when we invest in the people who are passionately reimagining Jewish every […]