Idea Accelerators


UpStart Idea Accelerators tap the talents and passions of everyday professionals and community leaders to develop and launch innovative solutions to community needs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur (innovator within an institution), these Accelerators provide participants with the framework and support needed to dream up and test out brand new ventures.

UpStart partners with established institutions to run our Idea Accelerators. Our partnership model tailors each Accelerator to advance the vision and strategy of local communities, while simultaneously leveraging UpStart’s deep expertise in Design Thinking methodologies.

Featured Program

download (2)The Tribe 12 Fellowship, led in local partnership with Tribe 12,  is a leadership program for young professionals in Philadelphia dedicated to personal growth, building community, and making Judaism relevant in their lives. Through a curriculum built on the themes of self-discovery, philanthropy, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurship, Fellows apply the tangible skills they learn to create a capstone project of their own design.


To inquire about bringing an Idea Accelerator to your city, please contact Emily Winograd.