Incubator Services

UpStart's Incubator Services

UpStart’s Incubator Services help Jewish startup organizations manage immediate issues
while developing internal expertise for growth and sustainability.


Most Jewish entrepreneurs don’t launch new organizations because they’re passionate about IT, HR and Finance; they do it because they believe in their vision for Jewish life. But statistics show that 57% of startups fail within 5 years, often because they don’t get these business fundamentals right. In fact, many founders aren’t even sure where to start. UpStart’s Incubator Services provide early-stage, innovative Jewish organizations with the technical assistance needed to thrive.


Our incubator services include information technology, human resources and finance.

UpStart’s Incubator Services are a pilot and currently only available to Chicago Accelerator cohort members. Contact us if you are interested in this project once it becomes more widely available.