Ivrit with Ivry

Ivrit With IvryBased In: New York, NY
Venture: “Ivrit with Ivry” is a blended learning curriculum through which children acquire Hebrew as a second language in an authentic and innovative manner to ensure Jewish values stand firm in our increasingly changing world.
Innovator: Rinat Levy-Cohen is a PhD candidate in Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research (CLAIR) at Fordham University, specializing in the Learning Sciences. Her research interests are in multimedia learning, curriculum design, and feedback provided in blended learning environments. Prior to her studies at Fordham, she has taught English and Hebrew as second languages in the United States and in Israel for ten years.  Rinat is the founder and educational director of Ivrit with Ivry, second language Hebrew blended learning curriculum. The program is currently implemented in an after school in NYC.
Primary Area of Focus: Educational Experience
Primary Populations Served: Children and Young Families

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