Open Siddur Project

Open-Siddur-Project-Logo-2016 - Aharon VaradyBased In: Cincinnati, Ohio
Venture: The Open Siddur is a libre open access volunteer-driven digital humanities project developing an open-source web-to-print publishing tool for crafting print-ready prayer books from a growing archive of liturgy and ritual praxis, historic and contemporary, familiar and obscure, in every language that Jews pray or have ever prayed.
Innovator: Founding director of the Open Siddur Project, Aharon Varady is a community planner (M.C.P.) and Jewish educator (M.A. J.Ed.) working to improve stewardship of the Public Domain, be it the physical and natural commons of urban park systems or the creative and cultural commons of Torah study. His work on the adoption of Open Source strategies in the Jewish community has been written about in the Atlantic Magazine, Tablet, and Haaretz. Aharon Varady studied environmental planning and planning history at DAAP/University of Cincinnati, and the intersection of theurgy, experiential education, and ecology at the Davidson School of Education/JTSA.
Primary Area of Focus: Spirituality and Ritual
Primary Populations Served: Teens, Emerging and Young Adults, Adults
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