Rachel Nussbaum

Innovator: Rachel Nussbaum Contact
Based In: Seattle, WA
Venture:  The Kavana Cooperative is a unique local Jewish community in Seattle, experimenting with how to best empower our partners to create meaningful Jewish lives and positive Jewish identity for themselves and their families.
Venture’s Primary Area of Focus: 
Spirituality and Ritual, Community Building
Venture’s Primary Population Served:
 Children and Young Families, Teens, Adults
Rachel Nussbaum is the Rabbi and Executive Director of the Kavana Cooperative, which she co-founded in 2006. Kavana has received numerous awards and grants for its innovative approach to building Jewish community, and is part of the Jewish Emergent Network. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Rachel has degrees from Duke University and the Jewish Theological Seminary and was a recipient of the Wexner Graduate, Avi Chai, and Joshua Venture Group Fellowships. Rachel loves teaching text, leading spirited prayer services, and helping people create personally meaningful Jewish rituals and experiences. She lives in Seattle with her husband Noam Pianko and their three kids.

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