Samuel Huston Harris

Title: Development Coordinator
OrganizationAmerican Jewish Committee Website
Primary Area of FocusAdvocacy & Awareness
Primary Population ServedAdults

Samuel “Huston” Harris works in development at the American Jewish Committee’s Chicago regional office. He received his B.A. in International Relations from the George Washington University in 2012. After graduating, Huston went on to work for various civic and non-profit organizations including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, until beginning his current position at AJC two years ago. In addition to development related activities, Huston founded AJC’s first LGBTQ Advisory Council to help advocate gay-Jewish civil rights issues domestically and internationally. He hopes to see the council replicated in some of his organization’s 22 offices across the United States, similar to other AJC councils such as the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council and the Latino Taskforce. When Huston isn’t busy at work he enjoys running Marathons, playing in kickball & dodgeball leagues, traveling, attending art museums & galleries, volunteering for YLD’s Pride Council and serving on his high school’s alumni board.