The “I Am” Project / Proyekt “Ani”

logo - Yali SzulanskiBased In: New York, New York
Venture: The “I Am” Project™/Proyekt “Ani”™ consists of in-class workshops for students to develop self-awareness, and connection to their Jewish identity through a combination of breathing and meditation, contemplative practice, and creative expression.
Innovator: Yali Szulanski, M.A., is a writer, teacher, mind-body educator and the founder of The “I Am” Project (, through which students integrate contemplative and mind-body-spirit practices into their lives in accessible and practical ways. Yali has also written Proyekt “Ani” an award-winning curriculum that integrates contemplative and wellness practices into Jewish Day Schools. She is currently piloting this curriculum at Kinneret Day School in grades 2-8. Yali creates spaces in which people can safely explore their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and is interested in how contemplative practice and creativity intersect with traditional systems of education.
Primary Areas of Focus: Educational Experience, Community Building
Primary Populations Served: Children and Young Families, Teens, Emerging and Young Adults
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