What We Do



UpStart’s mission is to inspire and advance innovative ideas that contribute to the continued growth and vitality of Jewish life.


UpStart envisions that innovative ideas will become part of the culture of emerging and existing Jewish organizations so that Jewish life will always be relevant and meaningful.

We are committed to creating the Jewish Silicon Valley, a boldĀ engine for Jewish innovation. The infrastructure of the Jewish community will include:

  • New companies and organizations that have succeeded in increasing the numbers of Jews enjoying Jewish experiences
  • An increase in innovation, learning and renewal across existing Jewish institutions in order to help them sustain success

Inspirational Goals

  • Future generations will find in Jewish life a compelling framework to guide them as they:
    • Seek answers to fundamental questions
    • Enjoy lives of meaning and purpose
    • Act on their life-changing and world improving impulses
      • Innovation will be integrated into the culture of emerging and existing institutions.
      • UpStart will be a leader in the cultivation and nurturing of Jewish social entrepreneurs and pioneering Jewish organizations eager to strengthen Jewish life worldwide.
      • UpStart will attract and engage social entrepreneurs in the Northwest, Midwest, Southwest and Southeast to satellite UpStart offices or strategic partners.


Life-Long Learning: Applying the Jewish principle of hafoch ba vehafoch ba vehagi ba dekula ba, turn her over and over and study her, for all is in her, (Pirkei Avot, 5:19), we are committed to a philosophy of learning and growth, risk-taking, and concrete skill-building, while maintaining an attitude of constant curiosity and humility.

Safe and Ethical Workplace: We provide a culture of integrity, teamwork, excellence, and stewardship of our human and financial resources to ensure that they are employed for their intended purposes.

Community: We maintain a pluralistic, supportive, and productive environment where relationships and connections are founded on the principles of trust, dialogue, and respect for each other.