A Year in Chicagoland


Posted 02/19/16



A Year of Acceleration:
Supporting Chicago’s boldest Jewish entrepreneurs


100 Moments of Blessing. Nursery-Kindergarten final project
Jewish Enrichment Center’s fall installation of childrens’ artwork.

These are some of the many successes achieved by UpStart Accelerator organizations this year:
Mishkan: Chicago was highlighted by the Forward as one of America’s “Fast-Growing Independent Congregations,” highlighting their inclusion in a major Jim Joseph Foundation initiative.
Jewish Enrichment Center watched educators and families from around the city well with tears when viewing their fall installation of children’s work on the concept of Berakhah, Blessing.
Svara started their first full-time Yeshiva Program this past fall, designed to train the roshei yeshiva of the future.

Bayit students hugging

Bayit innovated on its curriculum, bringing in concepts like עֲנָוָה / Anavah (Humility) and teamwork.
Orot launched the second year of their pilot High School program, helping students use Jewish texts and wisdom to deepen their lives.
KAHAL nearly doubled in size, connecting nearly 900 students abroad to immersive Jewish experiences.