Innovator Spotlight: Honoring Pride Month with Reflections from our LGBTQ Community


Posted 06/21/16


In celebration of Pride and in the wake of the Orlando shooting, we asked three UpStart innovators for reflections on Pride, how their organizations are reimagining Jewish, and how we can all design our organizations to better meet the needs of LGBTQ communities.
Rabbi Benay Lappe
UpStart Accelerator (Chicago)
“Queer people have unique and critical insights about the world and it behooves us, as a Jewish community, to hear and integrate them.” Read more.
JQ International
Anna Goodman, Program Director
Los Angeles Federation Teen Program Accelerator
“There’s a difference between tolerance and inclusivity. The difference is in what you’re doing to create a safe and inclusive space for LGBT youth.” Read more.
Arthur SlepianA Wider Bridge
Arthur Slepian, CEO
UpStart Accelerator Alumnus
“Our relationship shouldn’t be driven primarily by moments of crisis, but rather by ongoing collaboration and a deep sense of partnership and familial connection.” Read more.