Jewish Futures Conference 2019


Posted 04/4/19


How shifting power impacts Jewish education

High holiday services with no liturgical prayers. Shabbat dinners with no blessings, candles, or challah. Text study using poetry and art rather than sacred Jewish text. More and more people are craving a practice of Jewish life in the absence of what used to be the core components of our religion.

Blessings, prayer, sacred text, ritual – all once had a place of power in our lives. They informed the way we viewed our world. They were the basis from which Judaic educators built curricula, and while students were prompted to question and grapple with the material, the results felt dictated by those teachers and our Sages.


May 14, 2019
9:15 AM – 2:00 PM
1871 Auditorium

Now learners are pushing back: self-defined spirituality is replacing Jewish ritual, culture is replacing religious practice, and students seek to be the authors of their learning outcomes, leaving educators and community leaders wondering what a vibrant Jewish community 50, 75, or 100 years from now will look like.

Critical thinkers and community leaders like Joanna Oren Massey, Rabbi Benay Lappe, Marissa Freeman, Liza Moskowitz, and others, will push us to explore the power we give to the religious content that for so long has been core to Jewish life. Framing the day as a Design Sprint, together we will examine critical questions that allow us to shift that power dynamic and free ourselves from the structure of learning set in place by our Sages, creating a more learner-centered experience.

Join us as we consider the following:

  • How might we place power in the hands of the learner so that their values and experiences take on critical importance?
  • How might we create space for a learner to dictate their own outcomes when studying Judaism’s sacred sources?
  • How might we create a field of educators prepared to facilitate learning based on the learner more than the information?



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