Emily Winograd

Innovation Lead, Intrapreneurs and Field

Bringing to light

Human-centered and research-backed solutions for vibrant Jewish life in the 21st century (and beyond!)

The basics

Emily is passionate about enhancing the vitality of Jewish life using the tools and mindsets of innovation. In her role, she drives strategy and leads client engagements for UpStart’s work with intrapreneurs and established Jewish institutions. Trained in methods of social research, she designs projects that uncover the root causes of organizational and communal challenges, and reframes them through the optimistic lens of design thinking. Her work guides UpStart’s partners toward refreshing, crowdsourced solutions to thorny challenges, and helps them build the adaptive toolkit to successfully manage change.

As the former Vice President of Programs at PresenTense, Emily is steeped in the landscape of Jewish social entrepreneurship. She holds a BA in Sociology from Barnard College, a BA in Bible Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and a certificate from the premiere design and consulting firm, IDEO.

How Emily finds meaning and comes together with others

Emily is a closet introvert with a bottomless appetite for deep, one-on-one connections with friends and family. She finds meaning in listening to Jewish music, running absurdly long distances, and building empathy by reading literary fiction.