Gavi James

Director, People & Talent

Bringing to light

Making sure that UpStart’s efficiency is at an all-time high

The basics

Gavi comes to UpStart with an eclectic background. Trained as a flying trapeze artist, Gavi is great under pressure and upside down. She excels at waiting on hold and can multitask like there is no tomorrow. She believes that even the most mundane tasks can be made more enjoyable if there is a little humor involved.

Before UpStart, Gavi worked in event coordination, public radio, and high education administration. She has a bachelor’s in psychology from Hampshire College and once built a flying trapeze on campus and called it part of her thesis. Her passion and drive to think big and organize the back bone of the organization inspires those around her.

How Gavi finds meaning and comes together with others

Gavi grew up in a household that invited everyone to Shabbat dinner, and therefore is now capable of having a conversation with essentially anyone. She is experimenting with different types of gathering, weaving in old and new traditions, trying things on and seeing what fits.