We’re Hiring in Denver: Administrative Assistant


Posted 02/10/20



UpStart partners with the Jewish community’s boldest leaders to expand the picture of how Jews find meaning and how we come together. Whether someone is starting a new venture, or reimagining what an existing one has to offer, UpStart gives them the entrepreneurial tools and network they need to build the Jewish community of the future.

Our mission is to inspire and empower leaders to dream, build, and grow bold initiatives that enhance the vitality of Jewish life. Together, we’re creating a more just, vibrant, and inclusive future. In order to effectively work towards this mission we seek administrative support for our programs and daily operations. The core duties and responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant revolve around supporting others. The job duties can vary widely from day to day and requires flexibility and resourcefulness, strong decision making, communication, organizational skills.

A member of the larger team, the Administrative Assistant is a part-time non-exempt position based in Denver, Colorado. This position will be an average of 10 hours per week. This position reports to the Director of Upstart, Colorado and partners with the Colorado Hub and other members of the Program team.

At UpStart, our Team Philosophy is to Dream with Purpose, Build the ‘What Might Be’, and Grow the Good. This philosophy underpins how we work – and how we work together. The Colorado Administrative Assistant will enable us to partner together to do our best and brightest work. For more about UpStart’s organizational culture, check out our culture deck.


Advance Program Support

  • Scout out event locations;
  • Research catering options, place orders and keep all of the dietary needs organized and accounted for;
  • Research photography and videography needs;
  • Research SWAG and coordinate ordering with Brand Strategy team;
  • Prepare digital materials including materials such as lookbooks
  • Order, organize, and prepare advance physical materials including name-tags, handouts, worksheets, flip-charts, etc.

Manage Day-of Program Logistics

  • Set-up and refresh food and beverage throughout program
  • Set-up event supplies and materials including: nametags, handouts, worksheets, flip-charts, pens, markers, etc.
  • Manage event photographer

Office Management and Staff Support

  • Create and maintain organizational systems of digital files and office supplies
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Printing and copying
  • Help coordinate and book travel
  • Help coordinate and schedule meetings and programs
  • Help organize receipts for bookkeeping


Technology inclined: We are an organization with employees across the country. While much of your work will be in Colorado, you will be required to use the tools that enable us to collaborate across the country. These include the Google Suite (G-mail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides), Slack, Zoom and other internet based tools. We work on Mac computers.

Work from our office: The expectation is that this position will work from our Colorado office. And, we have a flexible work culture and you will have the ability to also work from your home. You will work with your supervisor to find a schedule that works for everyone.

Flexibility: Sometimes this position will require you to come in early in the morning and occasionally work on a Sunday. Sometimes tasks might come up that we have not included in this job description. Sometimes we will need you to think outside the box in order to find solutions.


  • Decision-making and detail oriented: This position must be able to make independent decisions on a daily basis, address the best way to handle specific tasks and think through the details.
  • Communication and collaboration: This position is required to coordinate with other staff and occasionally, clients, and as such must be an empathetic and clear communicator. We expect that your spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and writing ability professional and polished.
  • Organizational skills: Organization and prioritization are core elements of this role. You must know how to keep yourself and others organized and how to determine which tasks are the most important in a given list.
  • Resourceful: In the non-profit space we work on a limited budget. This creates many opportunities for out of the box thinking and creativity. We need you to be able to search until you find the answer, think on your feet and be willing to approach challenges with a mindset of optimism.


As we mentioned, this position is an average of 10 hours/week and is designed to have flexibility. However, there are certain programs you will be supporting that will require you to be in person at scheduled times. Below is a one month sample schedule of dates and times that you will be asked to be in the office and available to support the work.

Week 1
Hours mostly flexible–most of the work is advance program support

Week 2
Monday AM Workshop – Advance program support + be to office by 8 am to manage day-of program logistics
Friday AM Workshop – Advance program support + be to office by 8 am to manage day-of program logistics

Week 3
Wednesday AM Workshop – Advance program support + be to office by 8 am to manage day-of program logistics
Remaining hours flexible

Week 4
Hours mostly flexible

Upcoming Schedule of Confirmed Workshop Dates

  • February 9 – Advance program support only
  • February 10 – Advance program support + be to office by 8 am to manage day-of program logistics
  • February 23-25 – Multi-day workshop–advance preparation only
  • March 4 – Advance program support only
  • March 9 – Advance program support + be to office by 8 am to manage day-of program logistics
  • March 25 – Advance program support + Workshop from 5-9 pm

Any questions on the schedule can be discussed during the interview.


Our salary for this position is $20/hour assuming 3 years of relevant experience. If you have differing experience or have other ideas of compensation, let’s talk! This position is an average of 10 hours/week and is a non-exempt position. It is eligible for overtime if more than 40 hours/week are worked.


Please submit your resume, along with a thoughtful and concise cover letter, to our hiring team at careers@upstartlab.org.

UpStart is an equal opportunity employer. All individuals are entitled to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, genetic information, medical condition, veteran status, or any other class protected under federal, state, or local laws.


We will be openly recruiting for this position until it is filled. We will directly follow up with candidates who advance to the interview round. Candidates who have been selected to advance to a call will be contacted directly. Due to the volume of applicants, we are unable to contact each applicant, but we still recognize and value the time and effort you’ve taken to submit your application.